preface 2024

hello there friends.

thanks for all your patience. its been a very long time since i said i would update this section of my site.

when i first wrote this page, it was more like a roundup of everything i had learned up until that point in late 2021. since then, i have done much reading and had more experience, and i came more to the realisation that i am suffering from behavioural problems related to the internet and screens, and that its never going to be as simple as a few quick tips. especially in winter, it is a constant and daily struggle to maintain a "healthy" relationship to these things. i decided this page needed a much more different approach

i decided to still have a few articles on different ideas/sections that i can update with more info as i find out more, but also have more of a focus on the blog side of things, as my opinions and ideas change and grow graduly. i did preserve a lot of the blogs but there is some rewording here and there. its much easier now to skip around and find info on a particular topic or idea. though many of the pages are the same segments as before, everything has gotten a complete rewrite - so if you are a returning reader, please consider rereading these sections.

theres also the addition of the reading log. i like to purposefully encounter media on this topic to see other's ideas or experiences especially as it leaks more into the mainstream somewhat, so consider this a place to light heartedly review and document these things. the digital thoughts log returns as well with the same intention of just documenting thoughts that are seedlings that may die there or grow into a blog or article

i also have made a mobile friendly version of this page for those who encounter these topics for the first time.