here you can discover how i use the skill of sewing and my passion for using what already exists in the world to customise, repair, and create in my wardrobe!





  • mami tomoe cosplay incl. charlotte bag
  • deal with my giant fabric hoard
  • make these shoes real
  • finish my harley quinn plastic jacket

sewing starter kit

in my opinion, knowing basic sewing by hand is an important LIFE SKILL. it is one of the few things i actually took away from school. it is sadly not encouraged or reiterated in everyday life, especially where we live in a world where everything is FAST, NEW, and A CLICK AWAY. most people upon finding a hole, seam rip, missing button, or change in size in their garment dont know what to do beyond simply throwing it away. because these gamrents often come from fast fashion (even if you shop in charity shops like me) they will fall apart faster. teaching yourself the basics of sewing will save you so much more time and money in the long run, and help your garments last for so much longer

executing small repairs such as mending holes, seam rips, or missing buttons, do not require a machine. you only need thread, pins, a needle, and some scissors. i also recommend a seam ripper/unpicker and a pin cushion. then it is simply a matter of learning how to thread a needle, how to straight stitch, and how to sew buttons. it is very simple!

you can find basic kits with these tools and more in diy/craft and homeware stores, supermarkets, and of course online. id reccommend investing in one with metal tools to avoid them breaking. i also often find charity shops that have sewing stuff available to buy for super cheap.

for things such as resizing clothes and more complex customisations and projects, investing in a sewing machine will be a good idea. i used to work 100% by hand but it is very time consuming, so i use a machine. my machine was bought in august 2000 by my mother so it may even be older than you....sewing machines do take patience and a little getting used to but it is worth it :o) when you are at a stage where you can customise your clothes then it becomes so fun and its a hobby of mine!


thegothicalice - been following her for years and creates such cool stuff endlessly. her DIY videos are how i got into buying second hand and DIY fashion :o)

thestitchess - an adorable channel with some really informative and fun videos! i plan on using her animal bag tutorial to make a charlotte bag for my dream cosplay of mami tomoe :o)

empty brains and angel brains - a uk based slow fashion couple. i find empty brains colour palettes and prints very cool, and angel brains has such clever uses for scrap material making so many creative accessories!

smokeylita's coord builder - a fun lolita coord maker by smokeylita!

jessica nigri - her time lapses are for cosplays but she showcases a lot of methods which are diy friendly and also has lots of links in her descriptions to other cosplay resources