oct 2019 - beetlejuice

in 2018, i had gone as beetlejuice for halloween but i was not satisfied with my outfit. this year i decided to paint a jacket myself and go for a bit more accuracy.

i painted it by separating where i wanted the stripes to go with masking tape and a few layers of white paint (you can actually see where i missed a few layers on one of the shoulders lol) and then went back and added the green dirt and moss which can be seen on beetlejuice's blazer in the film. for this i used more acrylic paint and im pretty sure some eyeshadow too lol.

i did attempt a pair of trousers to match, but i completely messed up the width of the stripes and they looked shit - so on the night, i settled with a skirt and ripped tights which i believe i rubbed eyeshadow into also.