june 2020 - jeans to jacket, my painting gear

i had longed for a garment that i could wear on my upper half instead of letting my clothes get covered in paint...i had a pair of old jeans for my legs, but nothing to protect my beautiful top half. i decided to take these two jeans and using my own denim jacket as a guide to figure out how it was all assembled, created this jacket. as the two jeans were slightly different shades of black, i alternated them in a pleasing, symmetrical fashion. i used a leg from each for the arms and front panels, and the collar and back panels were made using what was left over.

2021 update

i was not very satisfied with the way the buttons looked on this jacket at all, so i decided to use a pair of shorts id stashed away for fabric reuse to add a new strip for the buttons to lie on. i also used this fabric to add stars all over the jacket, a couple extra pockets, and for elbow patches.

the rest of the fabric was used on a pair of skinny jeans i no longer wore casually and couldnt wear to work due to a paint stain. i wanted to make them more comfortable by opening them up at the calves and creating a flare effect. they are still pretty skinny but they did the trick :o) i used this tutorial, but adjusted to only widen the calves.