2020 - mcr tote and shirt

whilst living in canterbury many years ago on one of my many charity shop crawls, i stumbled across a vest top upon which someone has sewn two my chemical romance patches on - one on the front, another on the back. i LOVE mcr and three cheers for sweet revenge is my favuorite album so i purchased it immediately and i was so excited. clearly this was someones DIY job as the stitching was wonky and i could tell theyd come off of other tshirts. i removed the patches and the strange navy stitching and decided to put one on a tshirt, and another on an old tote bag where i didnt like the design.

i actually dont know if these patches are legit designs. they wouldbe come from the early/mid 2000s, but ive only found the card one on a camo shirt on the wayback machine. either way i love them very much, and in 2022, i got to wear my shirt to see them live :o)