may 2020 - the sushi tote bag

this tote bag i painted and also completely sewed myself. i had purchased a bed sheet linen from a charity shop and made two other bags from it also, a first sushi bag and a pigeon girl bag. both are quite poorly made and i currently cant find them which is a bit worrying lol but i feel satisfied to use them myself.

to create the bags, i referenced totes i already owned and using tissue paper created patterns i could follow. for the first two bags, i kept the back+front panels separate - but on the recent bag, i decided to keep it as one big piece as i found it feels more secure this way.

for the design, i used the same method i always use. i mark out the space with masking tape, and using liquitex fabric medium and white acrylic paint i create a base to paint on top of. this usually takes two layers. i then go colour by colour and paint the design, leaving the "lineart" and tiny details till the very last. i also start with light colours first.

the second bag is avaliable to buy (UK only) on my etsy store. please read the description if youre interested as it details imperfections.