i have a video of this in the works I PROMISE!!!

for her birthday, my friend T wanted to throw an "anything but clothes" party - meaning your outfit had to be made of anything but actual clothing. i already had amassed a large number of crisp packets as i used to take them from my four person household (and i used to eat A LOT of crisps...wouldnt dream of it now >.<) to work to be recycled, but one day the recycling bin was taken away. and then of course, lockdown happened, and i just sort of kept them in my room, one day hoping id be able to travel to a terracycle crisp packet recycling point near me.

i created a three piece outfit - a top, a skirt, and a jacket. i also intended to have little decorations for my hair and shoes but didnt get round to it. it was originally meant to be a full dress but i realised very quickly that was not going to work at all as it would be so uncomfortable to move around in.

i worked on this every afternoon for a few weeks as i was furloughed at the time. i of course washed all the packets out before sewing, and learnt that they prefer zigzag stitches over straight stitches as this just rips the packet. the sheet i used in my corpse bride costume was repurposed here to line the skirt, as otherwise it itched too much.

when the party finally came, T made an outfit made of fake bank notes, M made an outfit from newspaper, and C made an outfit from an ikea bag. its funny how we all had the same skirt+top idea! H just put on an oversized blanket type hoodie and thought this was acceptable smh!!

we probably wore the outfits for about an hour - my top fell apart, it was fucking freezing, and we ended up burning the paper outfits at the end lol. i still have my outfit which will probably be just repurposed into an eco brick or something down the line