june 2022 - barnaby shirt

plain white tshirt laying around.....spruce it up

i came up with the design in my sketchbook and took it in digitally to figure out a colour scheme i could use. on the tshirt, i tried it on to loosley see where i want the design to go and marked the area with masking tape.

i put a piece of cardboard inside the tshirt. this is so when i paint, it does not leak through to the back of the shirt, and also helps it to be more sturdy and stop the fabric moving around whilst painting. i readjust the masking tape, dabbing it onto other fabric a few times so that it does not pull the fabric too much when i remove it. i masking tape as well as tape down newspaper along the areas im not painting as im a bit of a messy worker.

in the rectange, i used a mix of liquitex fabric medium and white acrylic paint. this took about 2 layers. i then lightly pencilled the design using a yellow/orange pencil. using acrylic paints mixed with the fabric medium, i painted mostly colour by colour in a colour-the-numbers fashion. i added shadows on top of some of the paint. i then carefully using a much thinner brush did the lineart. i let it dry and it came out pretty nice :o)


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