feb 2022 - wardrobe adjustments

here are a number of small repairs and upgrades i did after using the konmari method on my wardrobe recently. many garments i really loved but needing sizing adjustments or button replacements.

sizing adjustments

this skirt was just too big so i decided to take it in a little. i simply pinched and measured how many CM i needed to trim it by, and turning the garment inside out, created a new seam, sewing over it a couple times with a straight and zigzag stitch. i tried to align the pleats but failed lol.

i used a similar method for these shorts which were similar in that theyd always been on the big side but were now too big. i measured how many CM would need to come off, and on each side sewed a new seam at half of this measurement so that it would be symmetrical.

i did it in this sort of triangle shape as to only take it in at the waist/stomach as this is where it didnt sit. i liked how the legs are baggy too, so i left them :o)

the final major adjustment i did was on this jumper. this used to be my hair dye hoodie, and has now been promoted to my painting jumper. it has this really strange turtleneck which is just huge for no reason and ive always hated so i decided to create a new neckline. i used this tutorial so i didnt have to make a new end seam. ive used this video for a jumper and hoodie in the past too.

firstly, i needed to make the turtleneck even as it actually gets wider towards the end. after this, i simply used the tutorial to shrink how long it was. the result is kind of weirdly warped, but i dont really mind because it is just for wearing while painting afterall.

button repairs

button adjustments

this light coat id got from the charity shop is beautiful but i fucking hated the buttons lol so i switched them out for some odd black ones i got for 10p each at another charity shop.

i love this light coat i got from a charity shop but the buttons are SO UGLY so i removed them and replaced them with other buttons i got from another charity shop.

i also repaired the buttons that were falling off of my denim painting gear...

...and the ones on the back of these shorts, which i love very much and got for one simple sQuid at a bootfair years ago. if you know me, you know these shorts lol


for a project i have in mind, i needed to dye something black. while i was at it i threw in this hat which was a disgusting faded baby pink. in both garments, the cotton polyester stitching did not take the dye - but i found the effect to be quite cool.

this jumper i had gotten from a charity shop but ive found it is actually too tight of a fit and as a result i rarely wore it. when i first got it, it had a massive seam opening down the side which ive stitched up, and i found a couple others at the neckline which i originally left but ive sewn back up for sale.

i had gotten this jumper from a charity shop, but i found while wearing it its too much of a tight fit and is uncomfortable for me. when i first got it, it had a massive seam opening down the side which ive stitched up, and i found a couple others at the neckline which i originally left but ive sewn back up so it can be sold and reworn.

i also did the simple task of sewing a load of paint covered rags together so i could just have one large one instead of lots of little ones which just end up flying around my room. i kept a couple spare that i use to test the sewing machine on as it tends to play up.

in regards to the konmari effect on my wardrobe, ive always had difficulty discarding clothes as many have been failed sewing projects or have paint stains on them. textile waste is a huge problem in the world, but i didnt know how to manage my own. i did a lot of research into ways to reuse textile scraps and repurpose garments, and many of the things i chose to discard are being reused by myself in future projects which when i can start on them ill show here. anything else i found in good condition, or repaired to be saleable, has been donated to charity shops. sadly, one bag worth of garments had to be taken to a textile recycling point. my wardrobe is now so much lighter and i do genuinely feel excited when i open it by all my beautiful clothes staring back at me :o)