journal 2021



on friday i had the pleasure of seeing yayoi kusama: infinity mirror rooms at the tate modern. i hadnt been to the tate, or any gallery, since 2019. id experienced one of kusama's infinity rooms in copenhagen a few years ago, and ive been eager to see more since.

infinity mirrored room - filled with the brilliance of life

chandelier of grief

it was amazing and really trippy and it was nice to see some of her other work and learn a bit more about her practice. love u yayoi <3

mirror performance

we also visited the whitechapel gallery, and saw this is the night mail: selected by ida ekbld. below are a couple of my fav works.

seductress, paulina olowska, 2020... my new obsession

kvinne som tenner en sigarett, christian krohg, 1912

the next day i went to a fireworks show with my friends. i havent been to one since i was a kid and it was really beautiful! didnt take any pics on my phone and it was also the first time id been somewhere in a long time where everyone was just watching and not taking pics...


i bought some stickers from my friend void rabbit

02/08/21 - digital minimalism

this past week i read cal newport's digital minimalism, published in 2019. as someone whos been teetering around the edges of this concept for a while without having for it a concrete name, this book was a pleasure to read and affirmed many things ive been thinking about for a while. particularly, the evidence provided that my sort of age group (early 20s) who can remember life without social media and smartphones, have had our mental health and development stunted by it as it grew up alongside us.
in this book, newport proposes the idea that individuals needs to develop an intentional philosophy around their use of technology for us to be able to benefit from it, rather than let it benefit from us. newport lays out a clear guide on how to achieve this while supporting the idea with various testimonies, history, studies, his own personal experiments, and other enlightening research pulling from places you might not expect - such as the life of abraham lincoln or how the amish live. i recommend the read, no matter what stage of your relationship you're at with your technology.
upd8 29/08/21: ive decided to follow newport's advice to put myself through a 30 day digital declutter


maxine harlow art