oct 2019 - beetlejuice

the year prior i went as beetlejuice for halloween, but i was not satisfied with the outfit at all as it was not very accurate. it was more of a closet costume as i just used what i had, which was a vertically striped shirt and a tie with a black blazer and skirt.

this time i wanted to be more accurate. i bought a simple plain black blazer from a charity shop and sectioned off where the stripes would go with masking tape. using white acrylic paint, i built up a few layers of paint before going back with green paint and even green eyeshadow to add the mossy effects.

i did try to do a matching pair of trousers too, but i ended up messing up the width of the stripes and it was also very uncomfortable! acrylic paint makes the fabric extremely rigid. i ended up doing the same as the previous year by wearing a skirt.