october 2020 - emily from corpse bride

this was my most ambitious halloween costume...i made the skirt and headdress from a net curtain i found in a charity shop. i dyed the ends blue and 'dirtied' them with acrylic paint. i wanted the skirt to be easy to get in and out of, so i decided to make it a wraparound type with spare buttons. i used an old sheet to create the layer beneath the net curtain.

for the top, i bought a high neck lacy top from another charity shop and adjusted the neckline to match emily's dress. the stitching did this horrible thing where it sort of leant outwards, so i had to redo it a couple times. i also dyed various parts blue with the same method as the skirt/headdress. for the ribs, i ripped a hole in the lace and painted onto the fabric beneath.

sadly i dont have many pictures of the whole fit, in fact the only fullbody one is this one of me in tesco