at this time in 2020 i was furloughed from my job and really wanted to try and develop my sewing skills beyond small fixes or experiments. i had the idea of making some garments i could wear while painting as i was sick of getting paint all over my nice clothes.

i had these two jeans i felt sort of stuck with, as i wouldnt be able to give them to a charity shop for example as they would rag them. i decided they would be perfect candidates for the painting gear. using a denim jacket as a reference to figure out how it was assembled, made another denim jacket from the jeans.

as the jeans were slightly different shades, i tried a sort of asymetrical look. for example, i used one leg from each for the arms and front panels, and i used the scraps to form the collars and back panel.

2021 update

i decided to return to the jacket as i really didnt like the buttons at all. the buttons are the least successful part of the jacket, as they often dont stay buttoned despite being an oversized garment on me.

i had this courdory pair of shorts i didnt like the fit of in my fabric stash, and reused the waistline of it for the button strip on the jacket. i also used some of this fabric to add some star patches and couple extra pockets across the jacket to help unify the button strip with the rest of the garment.

the rest of the shorts i ended up using to help widen the skinny leg of these jeans. though i hoped id had enough fabric to create more bootcut/flared legs, i only really had enough for a straight leg effect - but i find this far more comfortable than skinny legs! i used this tutorial, but adjusted to only widen the calves.