while purging my wardrobe i came across two sweaters that i didnt really like anymore. i think they are very comfortable and i like them in the winter when around the house, but i didnt like the designs and i wanted to wear them while out and about. i like colour block clothes so i decided to try my hand at this sort of idea.

i dyed the first sweater black, as it was a pastel pink. it ended up coming out as grey due to it being a polyester mix, and the stitching was 100% polyester so did not dye at all.

i sketched out various designs for where the colour block should be to help try and balance it, as there would be more of one colour due to the bottom elastic bit...(idk names). i settled on having the collar and wrist cuffs be grey to balance out all the red.

i realised before cutting/unpicking both sweaters that one was bigger than the other just slightly, so i made sure that all the pieces i cut were the same size. it was then just a case of sewing everything together. the collar is a little off with some of the old pink polyester thread poking through and the measurements being wrong here, but it is easily hidden with a nice collar which is my favourite kind of outfit

im pleased with it but as time has gone on i really dont like the grey anymore.