jan 2023 - arm warmers

if you have holey socks i have the solution for you...

these two knee high socks were missing their other pair, so i decided to turn them into arm warmers.

the process was very simple. i discarded the foot of the sock, and cut the rest into three. so make them a matching pair, i simply switched the middle section with the other sock.

i then hand sew the socks together, as it wouldve been too awkward on the sewing machine i think. i made sure that the cuff of the sock was facing the outside and wouldnt get sewn if this makes sense.

to make a hole for the thumb, i put the glove on making sure the cuff of the sock was reaching my elbow, this way it holds itself in place on my arm. and cut so the sock would still slightly cover my knuckles while wearing it.

and thats it....i love wearing them in colder months, they add an extra bit of warmth and they can be easily removed if im too warm. i prefer wearing them with the seams facing outwards, as i just think they look nicer this way.