dec 2022 - debbie tie

hello friends,

this is a tie i made at the end of 2022 using a vest i found in a charity shop for a couple of quid. i really liked the print, but i dont really like vest tops and i didnt like all the weird gathering going on at the back. i also wasnt a fan of the bejwelled text.

i used one of my own ties as a guide. the tie can be unfolded to reveal how much fabric i would need. i realised the print wasnt going to all fit the width of a tie, so as shown i decided to create a patchwork of the design. the wire of the telephone went along the top length of the tie, and i moved the position of her hand down.

as the fabric was flimsy, i lined the points of the tie with scrap fabric to give the it a sturider shape.

then i used an iron to create sturdy creases to keep the fabric in shape of the tie. finally i hand stitched the two corners of the biggest part of the tie to finalise the pointed shape.

it came out really cool :) it has debbie harry in videodrome vibes...

in the future if i did something like this again i would definately use a lining for the entire tie as i have noticed with this one it stretches or is more loose in the middle part where i didnt use lining.