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this is my current go to hairstyle. while making this page i had typed a long paragrapgh essentially trying to justify why i walk around looking like this, resorting to analysing my hair trxture, face shape, how it affects my overall siloette etc but the most truthful answer is that i just think it looks cool. lol


  • HAIR
  • brush/comb
  • hairband
  • bobby pins/clips
  • hairspray (optional)

    starting with a dry head of hair, i detangle with a brush and separate my fringe with a clip or hairband, (bangs for u americans) before tying the rest of my hair into a ponytail at the top of my head.

    i use my fingers, but a comb/brush can be used too, to pull out the hair all around my head at eye level to create the half down look. i also pull out my fringe, i usually have to then retie the hair that is tied upwards bc pulling out the fringe fuuucks it up. you may think maybe it would be easier to do this BEFORE tying the hair up. in theory but for some reason i just cant do it like that

    i place my fringe next. i dont actually have a fringe cut in at all, but i feign one using the front section of my hair. i do this because i have a very uneven hairline, and the hairs here are very whispy baby hairs which are just annoying as fuck. i like to set the fringe as pictured with bobby pins, usually a couple at the temple area and a couple more to secure the hair behind my ears. i like to do a subtle side part or a middle parting, but any type of fringe can be done here such as a full fringe like lydia.

    sometimes ill also pull out two thin bits of hair to frame the face, which i use hair gel to set.

    finally, its time to create the nest. i simply take the ponytail and backcomb it with my brush, and hairspray to set. depending on how intense i want it to be, i spend more time backcombing and using more hairspray. i find throughut the day it naturally deflates so even if it looks crazy at first it will look 10% less crazy in a few hours

    i prefer not to add accessories to this look as it is already A LOT but ive included examples below of ways the hair can be decorated with bows, plaits, and other accessories. they also show different hair textures and intensities of the updo. i sometimes put a simple black ribbon beneath the nest if it is less intense and if i am wearing something more delicate, but i usually just let it sit as shown in the pictures.

    to make it more spiky, i would hairgel the ends or use a straightener, or be blessed with straight hair...

    winona ryder in beetlejuice

    it can be more normal like a half up half down with some teasing

    alyssa milano

    izam shazna

    from christian lacroix fall coutoure 2007

    strawberry switchblade

    diane franklin in terrorvision

    and thats it :o) the only downside really is that it can be hard to brush out depending on how much it was teased at the end of the day. you also cant wear hats with this but fuck that shit anyway...