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maxine, A5

£6 | etsy

head over heels, A5

£7 | etsy

barnaby's office, A5

£8 | etsy

recently deceased, A4

£8 | etsy | only 3 left!

kitchen, A5 or A4

£6 / 7 | etsy

ace + noodle, A5

£8 | etsy


ghost guy, A5

£7 £5.60 | etsy

jam, A5

£7 £5.60 | etsy | only 2 left!


want some of my artwork printed thats not listed here? or, are you a potential commissioner who'd like to see you artwork printed? i can now print on demand! please contact me to discuss. i can print any of the above prints, and where i am not restrained by the previously chosen dimensions of a piece, other artworks you might see on my site as A4, A5, or A6 size.

for clients (past and future!) this print can be A5 / A4, and the cost will simply be for shipping and materials! (approx £3 UK, $6 USA)

for phomarciam and headhuntrzz respectively

on etsy | email to buy

print on demand, "maxine", "head over heels", and "kitchen" are printed onto 189gsm archival matte paper. "barnaby's office", "recently deceased", "ace + noodle", "ghost guy", and "jam" are printed onto 250 gsm matte recycled paper with mixam. please be aware that due to the artwork being printed onto recycled paper, some texture may show through on the artwork. the back of the print is blank.
a4: approx 8.3 x 11.7 inches
a5: 5.83 x 8.27 inches


sushi tote bag

£40 | etsy | ONE OF A KIND | UK ONLY

hand sewn and hand painted using acrylic paint with fabric medium by OMOULO.
☆ for transparency, there is a small paint mark to the left of the painting. there is also a paint mark inside the stitching. as this item is HANDMADE, the stitching is NOT PERFECT!
comes with detailed instructions on how to use and care for the bag, displayed in a leaflet with exclusive images and art.
approx. 40.8 x 38.3 centimetres.

you can learn about the process of this piece in the sewing box.


★ my choices with packaging for all orders come down to my strong beliefs in sustainability, and as a result i prioritise this over aesthetics in my packaging. where possible, i try to use things that already exist around me before buying new.
★ your print will be sent in a cardboard envelope which can be recycled. the tape used to adhere any mail information cannot be recycled. a note will be left inside using scrap paper. the envelopes have been bought new, and the mail information is printed on new paper. the left over paper goes towards the note included in the packaging, or is reused/recycled by myself. where i cannot use this paper for the note, i use other scrap paper i have. your print will also be wrapped for safety against water damage in plastic film or bubblewrap. this plastic, rather than being bought new, is sourced second-hand from myself and my household (ie from other parcels). please understand that due to this, the plastic from order to order will be slightly different - in texture, thickness, colour, and will sometimes include text imprinted on it which is not affiliated with me. thank you for understanding.


★ looking to work with me on a project, or want a completely personalised drawing from me? please read my commissions information.
★ patrons get exclusive access to full resolution artwork, behind the scenes images, layer by layer breakdowns, timelapses, project updates, sketches, wips, art not publically posted, early access, and more... consider becoming a patron if you like my work and want to see more!
★ if youd like to give me a one time donation, you can via my ko-fi. i dont like coffee, but ill happily accept a tea!

all money i make goes back into investing in my artwork, and in my day to day living. thank you for your support :o)

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