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★ the 2023 artchive page has been added


journal 22 update


★ the gallery has returned. general css/menu/link changes in gallery pages and sitewide to reflect this. the menu atop most pages has been updated to reflect this. the omoulo logo redirects to home.

★ the sewing box has been recoded to incorporate frames. all projects are now listed separately. css of this page has also been changed.

★ blogs.html has been removed. art blogs have been moved into the gallery. digital wellbeing blogs will be moved when this is updated. they are still up if you have links.

★ links has been changed to the scrapbook. pages in the frames: planet venus and the journal have been merged. the journals have been separated by year. a separate inspo page has been added. the halloween page has been addef.

★ general tweaks and rewrites of things across site


★ new page added for my project vacant village


★ preview added for short film vacant village, coming 26/08. avaliable from tonight for patrons

★ general keyword updates made across site.


★ new items have been added to the shop.

commission information has been updated.


★ the artchive has been moved and split up by year. links across site have been changed to reflect this

★ there are new backgrounds in background design, and new artwork in the sketchbook.

★ new entry in digital thoughts

★ the sitelog (you are here) has had its layout changed :o)


★ general housekeeping, fixing broken links across the site using this website


★ various new artworks can be found in the artchive, including these buttons which are free to use! please consider linking back to this page or the various onlione afterlife pages.

logged in as barnaby crawford (otherwise known as barnaby's computer, or the page zero for online afterlife) has had its URL changed. please consider updating any links or bookmarks to reflect this!

★ new entry in the sewing box and digital thoughts.

★ a notice has been put up in digital wellbeing to reflect its due to change status.


★ new images have been added to 'clutter' in links, and an additional page has been added to ease loading of images.

★ new entry added to summer shed to studio space blog.

online afterlife ad added back to homepage.

★ added new etsy link to the ace and noodle print in the shop.

☆ the pokemon shrine has been removed from this site. please find it on its brand new separate site, newmoon island


★ links to old blogs in barnaby's desktop have been updated, as well as additional text added.

★ new journal entry in links.

★ new entry in the sewing box.

☆ the former pokemon shrine is in the process of being amputated from this site, and will live on elsewhere at its new site, newmoon island. please consider bookmarking this site if it is relevant to you. this change is reflected in the links page, sitemap, and not found page.


★ new "photos" section has been added to links, as well as a new journal entry and artist entry there too.


★ added an art slideshow to the homepage. changed the colours to a darker theme


★ new blog post, how i practise digital wellbeing in my day to day, added to digital wellbeing and blogs

★ the pondering portrait has been replaced with the quarter life clarity / 25 portrait in about/contact


★ the contents of the commissions page has been changed.


★ a new artwork, quarter life clarity / 25, has been added to the artchive.


★ addition of the sketchbook page, which houses a new sketch.


★ domain added: welcome to :o)

digital wellbeing has recieved the April Update.


★ all blogs have recieved the April Update.
★ addition of the blogs page, housing both one time and continuously updated blogs. blogs from both the old gallery and digital wellbeing are located here.
★ 30 day digital declutter review has been merged with 30 day digital declutter

★ the 404/not found page now acts as a redirectory to changed links. still features lots of cones

links has recieved the April update. the page has been reworked using frames, and three segments of the page are now accessible via frames - art+artists, journal, and planet venus. this page will not for the foreseeable future be responsive.

★ the sewing box has recieved the April Update. the tryon menu has been moved to beneath the project log.


★ new artwork 'iona's room redraw 2022' on the homepage, and in various galleries.


★ new background and pic of me in about


pens and rooms has recieved the April Update.
★ a new behind the scenes gif image has been added to pens and rooms.

★ a new blog has been added - summer shed to studio space project


★ there is a new layout and CSS slowly being implemented across the site. home, select works, background design, omoulo's kitchen, the artchive, the sitelog, the sitemap, about, and shop have recieved this update. this will be known as the April Update.
★ the new layout is responsive to various monitor sizes and other devices.
★ online afterlife will not become responsive. relevant have/will recieved relevant updated footers, menus, and contact information only.
★ new logo and other graphics for site.

★ home is now doubled up as the main portfolio page.
★ the gallery (though still live) has been removed, and contents will be split between the portfolio/home and (yet to be added) the blogs page.


artwork not previously featured on site added to artchive,background design, and work with me pages.


artwork not previously featured on site added to artchive,background design, and work with me pages.

★ updated email across site.


★ new artwork added to artchive and background design


★ mini shrine for mia ikumi added to planet venus in links

★ new artwork added to artchive and background design

13/03/22 - major site upd8, please read. if you have anything bookmarked, saved, or linked, please double check the links. in addition, you may need to clear your cache/history/refresh pages if things arent working properly. if you find any broken links or errors, please let me know!

★ a shop page has been added.

★ all blogs in both gallery and digital wellbeing, the food, pens and rooms, sewing box and ancient artchive galleries, pokemon shrine, and other misc pages have been relocated and some their name changed. check the sitemap to see where everything is and update any saved links.
★ in addition, many pages have had their images changed, moved, deleted, or reuploaded. you may need to refresh the page in order for them to reload.
★ sitewide, the menu bar has been changed from tables to div properties. other pages have also had any table formatting changed to div.
★ there is now a simple scrollbar on all pages.

★ i have updated my email address to lauren [at] omoulo [dot] com for contact.
★ a new button is avaliable to use which can be viewed in about.

★ all blogs in digital wellbeing and the gallery now share a .css sheet, and have had various formatting changes so they are more uniform. all have dates added to their page names.

R U AN ARTIST ON SOCIAL MEDIA??? has additional insights and artist site screenshots, instead of buttons to reccommended websites.

★ created numerous pixels/graphics.
- to be used across the site

- to replace the gifs from gifcities in planet venus.
please do not use these pixels without permission. this also applies to the pixels in my about.
★ added uncannyvalley's site button to links.

★ the sewingbox has a new background.


★ updated information for the tool 'ublock origin' in the toolbox.
added a new entry to digital thoughts


★ adjusted html/css and general format of links.
★ added the section "planet venus"
★ uploaded all external site buttons to my own site instead of hotlinking, and added descriptions of each site on hover

★ added a background to, and updated the css of, the sewing box.


★ the sitelog now is split into two sections - the changelog, to document changes across the site, and the siteblog, for more indepth updates about the site as well as other trains of thought.
updated html/css for the sitelog


★ the sewingbox, added to gallery and site map.


03/11/22 19:46

hello! im reworking a lot of this site! sorry if things are all over the place

the gallery is back! i had a few months ago fused it with the homepage but ive decided to separate them again now that i have a better grasp of how to put important shit on the homepage and other gallery things that can be explored in that page. i seem to have a lot of projects on this site and im only making more when im not online LOL so its for the best it comes back! plus it was fun to give the sketchbook and sewing box their own icons!

the sewing box has also been completely revamped to be easier to navigate with every different project dated and down the side! i also chose a different background and colour scheme for this page, i think it is far more fun now. i will probably be uploading WAAAAY more there soon in the coming months as i deal with my dreaded fabric hoard...

i finished revamping the olds links page which has become the scrapbook. this name more accurately describes what this page is like, and hopefully is a lot more cohesive. i hope to update it more often with things i find interesting. things relating to the internet are more likely find their way into the digital wellbeing page when this is updated.

as always, you might need to do some hard refreshes and let me know if any shit (apart from in digital wellbeing) is messed up lol

21/10/22 11:27

hi there! it is's second birthday! i want to say thank you everyone who has visited and explored my site. it is still such an important part of my expression these days and im so glad i decided to make this site!

life has been very busy and so i sadly didnt get to finish new parts and reworks of the site in time, and who knows when i will be able to...but for now, please enjoy this secret page because its my favourite time of the year!

i also want to say to anyone who has emailed me or commented on my shit on neocities please do not be disheartened if i take a long time to reply or dont reply at all but i do read all of it and the thoughts are appreciated! again im very busy atm ahhh

CATS IVE MET RECENTLY: 1) Sooty the black cat when i was wearing a particularly witchy outfit... 2) a cat on a bin i called Peaches 3) a heavily pregnant black cat who joined Peaches and i

26/07/22 10:20

hello! i hope you like the new layout of this page! i have also split up the artchive pages by year. this is to help with the loading of images, as i noticed it was starting to get very slow and also display broken links as a result.

BARGAIN HUNT: pair of asos aw22 sample super straight leg jeans which were 1.50 in a local charity shop
BARGAIN HUNT: a pack of like 30 oatcakes for 20p in holland and barratt

16/05/22 ??:??

it seems like a custom on neocities to celebrate 100k views, so i shall celebrate! thank you for visiting this place, it means a lot to me! im quite busy at the moment so i will draw some celebratory art soon...but for now, enjoy this fanart i drew last night in all its PNG HD glory lol

24/04/22 ??:??

hello friends...the april update is complete! please consider clearing your cache and refresh any pages that dont seem to be loading properly.

first of all, this site is now!! horray :o) my new email is also lauren [at] omoulo [dot] com for any professional enquireies. as far as im aware, all links that have in it will still work and redirect to the new URL so please do not worry if you have old links saved or on your site - but please do consider updating them! thank you for visiting! im excited for this new chapter!

i have a new button that you may use or update one you may be already using :o)

secondly, i have made a major set of page redesigns and shuffles. the sitelog above goes into the specific changes, but here id like to talk about some of them.

this site has always been first and foremost my portfolio, and it has become an important part of my expression. as i make more moves in my life to work professionally as an artist, i made the decision to make the homepage more portfolio focussed, and to also make numerous pages responsive to mobile and other sized devices. this is because potential clients and contracts may not always be on desktop and for them not to be able to see my work properly and navigate the relevant parts of my site could lose me work. however, i worked very hard to make this possible all while keeping the atmosphere and feel of my site. some pages, such as online afterlife and links, will not become device responsive - besides, they work perfectly fine on mobile if you rotate the device which seems to be a forgotten feature these days...

the former gallery has been removed, and instead all content either now lives in the index page or the brand new blogs page! the gallery is still up if you have this link but will not be updated. the index page i am never satisfied with and will likely change again to better feature an artwork or too upon landing.

the new blogs page provides a place for all my blogs and written pages about certain projects to live, as they were sort of scattered allover the place. i used the old about page background here as it fit the best, and as a result, ive revamped my about too. the sewing box has also had a small layout change.

links will no longer appear in the main navigation bar. this page has recieved an update to separate the various journals and other shit going on because it was getting out of hand. i did this using frames which i have learnt about! i intend to use frames to update the pokemon shrine eventually.

finally, digital wellbeing has recieved an update. i have changed the layout to be a simple linear read - when i first made it, this is when i discovered how to put div elements next to each other and this page was an unfortunate result of that haha. the content of the page is largely the same with a couple rewrites or additions. while going over the page, i have realised i need to separate it into lots of separate pages/articles because there is just so much to discuss and i struggled to keep my rewrites more surface level and accessable. i also made sure this page was mobile friendly intentionally, as i dont want to alienate anyone because the page is there to help people even if its their first time realising theres something amiss with our use of the internet.

13/03/22 22:48

in october 2020 when i made this site, i had Z E R O knowledge when it came to making a site beyond faffing around on wix. i didnt even know what html or css was. i also didnt think id expand this site beyond it being a simple portfolio site, which is now a place that houses large projects, blogs, and other areas of interest. as a result, the behind the scenes of this site were all levels of FUCKED UP....poorly named and difficult to find files were scattered across a sea of redundant nonsensical folders - i probably had about three separate page background folders. this is what ive been fixing the past couple days.

when i have a little browse around neocities i often find sites that say "ive moved!" and i always thought to myself, "why move? why not just sort out ur files?" i understand why now....neocities file storage is fucking awful lol. you cant move things around with deleting and reuploading, and this is made worse by the lack of multi-select which has led me to procrastinate doing this. but it needed to be done so that updating this site can be as efficient and easy as possible for myself as it grows.

as i mentioned above in the changelog, almost every page, file, and image has been reorganised, renamed, redesigned, changed, or reuploaded in some form or another. it took me two days but now i feel a lot better about where things are, i dont feel like im going to die everytime i visit the dashboard, and i also have a copy of the site backed up locally which i can update alongside the online version too. hopefully, where most of the artwork has been downsized+.jpg'd, this will help speed up loading times as ive noticed in some galleries, not every piece will load without refreshing the browser a couple times :o( the moral of the story here is BE ORGANISED FROM THE GET GO AND STICK TO UR SYSTEMS!!!! SHIT

if you have anything bookmarked, saved, or linked on your site, please double check your links. im aware that R U AN ARTIST ON SOCIAL MEDIA??? has been linked on numerous peoples sites, so thing URL has not changed...thnx 4 sharing :o) i also have updated it slightly with more information, as well as general clarifications and grammar fixes lol. its parent page, digital wellbeing, id like to review soon and do a fair amount of rewriting as i feel like it needs it.

thank you and please stay tuned!

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WEATHER: when i leave work i see a sliver of daylight now which has restored my soul
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03/01/22 18:40

happy new year neocities...

WEATHER: warmish
MOOD: broken and bruised from the intensity of the new years sesh. god help my fucking ribs. and eyes. and entire body. and brain

21/10/21 21:48

today one year ago i opened up a neocities account, and from there began the construction of this website. a month later i officially launched it. i am so glad i decided to make this site, as it has allowed me to express myself in many ways that i never thought i could.

im also quite quiet on neocities which i hope to change but im so happy to have spoken to people on here however briefly and opened my eyes to new perspectives and opinions, and seen a whole wealth of creativity that is so unfairly suppressed on the internet of today. thank you to everyone ive interacted with here, and to anyone who visits my website :o)

ive been working on a number of updates to add to this site and i chose today to post them. i have reworked the coding of links and the homepage, as they both were riddled with weird table layouts and unnecessarily complex CSS writing lol. homepage arguably looks worse but yolo. ive also created a digital wellbeing page, sharing information and tips on the subject. though this is something i make artwork about, i also feel very passionately about it and wanted to make something that is more easily digestable. in doing this, i revamped my random pages about social media and the 30 day declutter, which are now blog pages.

for now that is all. i will probably go over my gallery pages properly soon and rearrange them as ive now a bit of a new perspective on my work. i have other pages ive been chipping away at ( which maybe ill make public one day. for now, i shall draw back again and work on some big projects...

LISTENING TO: whatever is music of the week in links, of course :o)
WEATHER: actually nice! but cold
MOOD: difficult to determine as i need to pee

30/06/21 17:53

wow, long time no update.

site-wise, i have been steadily updating the galleries with new artwork, and a couple of days ago i completed a page ive been dreaming about for a while to properly house all my online afterlife stuff, which is here. i put way too much effort into this shit..... let us appreciate how every graphic came from my old ibm laptop which runs windows xp....appreciate how i customised the whole desktop to lok like tht,,,,appreciate..the forward and backwards buttons on the image viewer. that was a real pain in the ass to figure out alongside slideshow html btw. appreciate...that shit......ive also created a new site, which is created from the perspective of one of my characters, maxine. i'd reccommend checking out the "crisp review" section. ive also updated the links page with more shit

in addition to this, i have created a sort of journal or blog or whatever you may call it going into depth about my decision to leave social media. ive been writing and rewriting that post for a couple weeks, and had planned to begin properly removing myself from these sites on the 1st of july. in a weird twist of fate, the lovley NHS test and trace app (legendary piece of shit) decided to inform me that i must self isolate for a few days, so i decided to start it early. its going okay, got all the website shit ive linked here done, but my mind is deffo still trying to fill a void. perhaps i will come back and make my departure from social media a regular blogging venture.

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MOOD: undetectable

20/01/21 11:48

uploaded the pages for the online afterlife. updated relevant pages to reflect this addition. better part of 3 months work and 6 months planning out of my hair. i hope you enjoy.

LISTENING TO: lemon demon - spirit phone
WEATHER: cloudy. one black cloud in the sky

10/01/21 19:41

how rude of me not to wish readers a happy new year.

created the artchive, which does what it says on the tin. links to the ancient artchive, which also does what is says on the tin. both these pages i expect to update as i unearth more things to include, particularily traditional works.

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31/12/20 ??:??

updated many pages with links to accomodate this. my project (now called Online Afterlife) is almost complete and i look forward to releasing it soon. it is a shame neocities won't let me upload audio without being a supporter.
not much else left to say, i dont imagine major updates will be done to this site now most of it is up, although i am considering updating the home page as it is a bit all over the place.

LISTENING TO: ngl just the same old shit
MOOD: distracted

25/11/20 09:46

released website into the wild

added page digital decay. updated links+about, and added a new icon for the ????? page.

????? is complete but has since escalated further into something which probably won't be done for months so good job @ me

WEATHER: cloudy
MOOD: ????

04/11/20 16:21

created an illustration page for key pieces and moved more things onto neocities so they can be properly linked together. planning on completing the skeleton of the website before moving onto CSS. been cursed/blessed with a 4 week lockdown and been furloughed, so the goal is to have it basically done before i return to work some weeks before what will easily be oen of the most hectic christmases in retail.

LISTENING TO: Poster Of A Girl - Metric
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25/10/20 17:07

created an 'old gallery' page consisting of various drawings, animations, and sprite frankensteins i made on my very first laptop, between 2006-2011. i have also began contact and research/inspo pages. i want to focus on getting the main skeleton of my site up and running, particularly my portfolio of work for clients, before focussing on more silly and personal pages i have in mind.
i am glad to realise that most of learning html and building webpages is viewing page sources and ripping off the bits that you like most which i have enjoyed

23/10/20 11:25

god neocities why does everyone need to know i made 39 "updates" which is just me mashing the save button at the speed of light. i dont want people to see the horrors of this work in progress yet

23/10/20 08:56

on wednesday (the 21st) i began the process of making this site. i starting using the internet frequently around 2006, before websies began to all began to follow the same formula, and although i didnt get to experience geocities at its prime i have fond memories of an internet that was sprinkled with sites like that, diy homepages, fansites, bmp images, glittery gifs, pagedolls, stamps, signatures, collections, shrines, text based emoticons, blinkies, you name it. i miss that so much, it felt so expressive and personal. i dont feel like these things can be expressed truly with social media. exploring web archived geocities and neocities sites has been so nostalgiac (can something from 15 years ago be nostalgic?) and just fun, you never know what youre going to find. the cloest ive come to recreating this feeling is with tumblr and (old) deviantart, and more recently on discord. ive tried to make my own website with wix as a host for my artwork which i am developing to revolve around the interet but again it felt so restricted. im really excited to discover neocities and all the amazing sites people have made and give it a go! i have literally zero experience with html/css/anything so ive got a lot to learn but i am excited to begin this journey.
i want this website to act as a gallery for my artwork, but also to serve as my own love letter to the internet i grew up with as a child and the wonder i felt from exploring it before it became so hemogenised.

an "underconstruction" page currently exists as a placeholder for my homepage, this page exists, as well as an about page where I practiced some basic ass HMTL.

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=============THE BEGINNING=============



new artwork online afterlife beach episode

the ARTLOG is live