general site updates and changes.

minor art specific updates are housed in the and on the homepage/gallery. minor updates for the scrapbook and digital wellbeing are logged on those pages.

08/11/23 20:00

  • hello everyone, i have created an RSS feed for future use. i intend to use it after jla is done publishing, as i'd like to redo a lot of this site and work on stuff like digital wellbeing and other pages/art/writings...i have 0 clue what i am doing with it so please bear with me as i may be randomly testing it

12/10/23 23:45

  • please welcome and enjoy the web project jacqueline's lonely apocalypse. this project will update daily for an undisclosed amount of time... as the 12th crosses over into the 13th in england, days 00 and 01 are avaliable. from the 14th, it will continue to update each evening.


  • added a section called gorgeous garments to the sewing box
  • added a lot to

23/06/23 06:34

  • trialling lazy loading in the sketchbook to try and improve loading of image heavy pages such as this. if i doesnt work well ill see you in 1 month LOL
  • announced webproject jacquline's lonely apocalypse

23/05/23 17:25

  • changed the layout of the sitelog (you are here), merging the log and blog.
  • a patreon feed has been added to the homepage.
  • the amount of updates in the artlog on the homepage at one time has been reduced, but will continue to be archived in the artlog page.
  • fixed whatever the fuck was going on in the artlog
  • in the sewing box, the 'crisp dress' has been updated to contain further pictures.
  • various housekeeping across site, fixing broken links.

09/05/23 ??:??

??/??/?? ??:??

  • updated my email - it is now contact [@] omoulo [.] com

26/03/23 ??:??

12/03/23 ??:??

  • updated about page and fixed a couple broken links.
  • reinstated planet venus in the scrapbook.

27/02/23 ??:??

  • replaced the youtube videos in gallery room pens and rooms with vids uploaded directly to this site

22/02/23 ??:??

  • the site logo has been changed.

20/01/23 ??:??

03/11/22 19:46

  • reinstated the gallery.
  • new sewing box layout
  • links has been changed to the scrapbook
  • the omoulo logo redirects to home
  • the sewing box has been recoded to incorporate frames. all projects are now listed separately. css of this page has also been changed.
  • blogs.html has been removed. art blogs have been moved into the gallery. digital wellbeing blogs will be moved when this is updated. they are still up if you have links.

21/10/22 11:27

  • happy second birthday to :o)

01/10/22 ??:??

  • the artlog has been added, to archive all artlogs from the homepage.

27/08/22 ??:??

26/07/22 10:20

  • artchive split into pages by year, to ease loading of images

19/07/22 ??:??

  • general housekeeping, fixing broken links across the site using this website

02/07/22 ??:??

  • buttons which are free to use! please consider linking back to this page or the various onlione afterlife pages.
  • logged in as barnaby crawford (otherwise known as barnaby's computer, or the page zero for online afterlife) has had its URL changed. please consider updating any links or bookmarks to reflect this!
  • a notice has been put up in digital wellbeing to reflect its due to change status, and much of its content removed.

30/05/22 ??:??

  • links to old blogs in barnaby's desktop have been updated, as well as additional text added.

27/05/22 ??:??

  • an art slideshow is on the homepage.
  • a darker colour theme is also being used

25/04/22 ??:??

24/04/22 ??:??

  • this site is now :o)
  • updated button
  • layout of digital wellbeing changed for linear reading
  • 'april update' complete.

22/04/22 ??:??

  • the 404/not found page now acts as a redirectory to changed links. still features lots of cones
  • links has been reworked to function with frames. this page will not be responsive to different monitors/devices.

14/04/23 ??:??

  • 'april update' being implemented across site, which further updates html and css, to allow for responsiveness on other monitors/devices.
  • online afterlife, sewing box, and the scrapbook will not become responsive.
  • new logo and other graphics for site.
  • gallery removed.

13/03/22 22:48

08/03/22 ??:??

  • adjusted html/css and general format of links.
  • added a background to, and updated the css of, the sewing box

27/02/22 ??:??

21/10/21 21:48

30/06/21 17:53

20/01/21 11:48

20/01/21 19:41

25/11/20 09:46

  • website uploaded to neocities


  • neocities account created, website construction begins offline

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