Maxine Skye

DOB: 07/07/01
AGE: 21
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OCCUPATION: Computer engineer at [REDACTED]
SKILLS: Cyberbullying
LIKES: Fizzy drinks, crisps, writing crisp reviews online, being indoors
  • Iona: Despite a rocky beginning, the two are good friends. They have a playful friendship - they enjoy pushing each others buttons, egging each other on to do things, and have a mutual interesed in untoward psychological experiments.
  • Jack: Met once.
    APPEARANCES: Jacqueline's Lonely Apocalyse (mentioned)

    A lanky, offputting woman. she is quickly identified by her unruly and almost radioactive appearing ginger hair, blue tinted glasses, and for always wearing a pair of gloves. Her posture is poor and her expression sour or mischevious. Her skin is translucent and greyed but with a meek covering of freckles, should you ever have the chance to look for that long before she disappears.

    As chronically online as they come, she enjoys getting rises and reactions out of people indiscrimantly across all corners of the internet with purposefuly inflammatory, manipulative, or misleading posts. Is banned from various mainstream online sites and services. Despite her online shenanigans, she has a genuine talent for programming and code.

    Born and raised in Leicester. Currently lives in brighton, though greatly dislikes the area.

    She has recently been personally scouted by the [REDACTED] as a computer engineer, after they uncovered some of work of hers that she had despretely tried to hide.